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Distinction Between Khakis and Chinos – A Man’s Information

What is the Distinction Between Chinos and Khakis?

Here is a query you may see on each menswear discussion board on the market — simply what is the distinction between khakis and chinos?

Sadly, most locations attempt to reply the query by diving into the historical past of the 2 phrases. And whereas that is fascinating, it does not really assist somebody who’s searching for dress-casual trousers very a lot.

Chinos vs. Khakis: The Distinction

So here is your definitive reply, insofar as there may be one. Producers and advertisers have strayed from these boundaries sufficient that you will have to take this with an enormous previous grain of salt, however broadly talking listed below are the variations:

  • Khakis are thick, straight-legged, and usually pleated (though plain fronts can be found from most manufacturers today). They’ve cuffs on the backside hems.
  • Chinos are light-weight, tapered in order that they slim as they go decrease on the leg, and may be both cuffed or uncuffed. They’re typically flat-fronted.
  • Each kinds are created from cotton twill, and are historically dyed someplace in between a really pale cream shade and a darkish tan.

Of the 2, khakis are extra towards the sturdy work-wear finish of issues, whereas chinos are lighter and a bit dressier.

Now, are you going to search out exceptions to those guidelines? Of course you might be.

Producers have been labeling any previous cotton gown trousers as both of these phrases, or typically as each, for years. It is solely attainable to search out one thing being offered as “khaki chinos.”

(Technically, that would even be appropriate. The unique which means of “khaki” is a selected shade, from the Urdu phrase for “mud,” unrelated to any particular type of trouser.

Chino,” then again, was a selected weave of light-weight cotton twill. So for those who took chino fabric and dyed it khaki, you’d in reality have “khaki chinos.” Complicated, no?:)

So do not take any of this as gospel. There is not any actual assure that chinos from Model A are going to be lighter and dressier than khakis from Model B. You will have to take a look at particular forms of pants, see what their supplies and particulars seem like for your self.

However usuallykhakis, sturdy and utilitarian.

Chinos, lighter and a bit dressier.

Khakis will look extra blocky; chinos extra streamlined.

Or at the least that is the speculation.

A Fast Historical past of Khakis

Of the 2 phrases, “khakis” is older by the higher a part of a century.

The primary khaki trousers had been made in 1846 when a British officer serving within the Punjab area traded his firm’s sizzling wool trousers and jackets for lighter fabric and looser cuts created from native cotton. He dyed them with a local plant known as mazari, which produced a dusty tan shade that the locals known as “khaki.”

The colonial navy stationed in India adopted khakis as their uniform trouser by 1848, and it unfold by way of the remainder of the British Empire till your entire British military formally adopted the type as their uniform in 1884.

A Fast Historical past of Chinos

A lot of the confusion between khakis and chinos may be traced to the origin of the latter type: “chinos” had been khakis, of a kind.

Chino fabric was a light-weight twill weave from China (therefore the identify). The British and French navy had been each utilizing chino to make their khaki uniform trousers by the latter half of the nineteenth century.

When American troopers serving within the Philippines throughout the Spanish-American battle wanted uniform trousers, they discovered it cheaper and faster to import from China moderately than the US. Their trousers had been made easy and tapered, with out pleated fronts, to save lots of on fabric prices, leading to a easy, easy type.

The identical primary type was used for uniform trousers throughout World Conflict One, and returning troopers from each wars introduced them into civilian settings. College college students specifically took to chinos after WWI, they usually have been a part of the style panorama ever since.

So why are they known as khakis? Here is your primary breakdown: khakis originated as a broad class of navy trousers, and one particular subset of them advanced into chinos. Consumers have been confused ever since!

However broadly talking, for those who consider khakis as thicker, extra squared-off clothes, and of chinos as slimmer, extra tapered and dressier pants, you are in the proper ballpark. Good luck!

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