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How To Preserve Your Socks Up And Forestall Sagging

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You are heading to the workplace in your first day at a brand new job. You are dressed to the nines and really feel like one million bucks, however one factor retains letting you down – your socks.

It does not matter what you attempt – after 5 minutes of wear and tear, your socks sag down your ankles and reveal the ugly ankle hair beneath the hem of your swimsuit pants.

What’s a classy man to do? Settle for saggy socks and hope nobody notices your gorilla ankles?

There’s one other method. In reality, there are 4 methods!

In right this moment’s article, I am breaking out the most effective methods to maintain your socks up and keep away from sagging. We’ll be masking:

  1. Ought to You Purchase New Socks?
  2. What Varieties Of Socks Keep Up?
  3. What Are Shirt Stays And Sock Garters?
  4. Can You Enhance Your Socks’ Elasticity At Residence?

#1 Ought to You Purchase New Socks?

Merely put: higher-quality socks keep up longer.

Sagging socks occur when the elastic wears out, and this occurs extraordinarily quick with low-quality socks. They solely have one or two bands of elastic that run by means of the highest of the sock, so it does not take a lot for them to die both by breaking or just sporting out.

Let me be frank: that set of 10 tube socks for $2 may look like a steal, however think about how lengthy they’ll final. Likelihood is, you may must spend extra money to switch them once they carry on slipping down your ankles.

By shopping for higher-quality socks, you’ll be able to be sure that their elasticity will stay intact for a lot longer. In the long term, you may save your self the fee and aggravation of changing your socks on a month-to-month foundation!

Do not get me fallacious; even costly socks put on out ultimately! Shopping for new socks is type of unavoidable, however investing in high-quality socks extends the time between purchases and allows you to get monetary savings over an extended time frame.

#2 What Varieties Of Socks Keep Up?

In case you did not know: various kinds of socks have totally different makes use of!

For instance, there’s an enormous distinction between full-calf and mid-calf socks.

When sporting costume sneakers, a variety of males make the error of sporting mid-calf socks that cease (you guessed it!) midway up the calf. Whilst you may be capable to get away with this when your socks are new, after a number of makes use of these mid-calf socks will begin to reveal your legs whenever you sit down in costume pants.

A significantly better choice is to put on full-calf socks. These rise all the best way up your calves – which means they’re going to look forward to longer and will not exhibit your ankle fuzz whenever you sit down.

The issue with the half-length socks is solely of their building.

Due to the form of your calves sporting them is sort of a bigger man sporting a belt as an alternative of choosing suspenders. Regardless of how nicely the socks grip they’re holding one thing up on a downward slope.

What makes the calf-length socks superior is that they’ve a bigger space of traction or grip and so they’re holding your leg above the place your calf begins to develop into thinner once more. Briefly, their prolonged size implies that the majority of your calves holds them up as an alternative of forcing them to slip down.

#3 What Are Shirt Stays And Sock Garters?

Technically talking, the aim of elastic shirt stays is to maintain your shirt tucked in good and tight. They arrive in many various types, and a few have no impact on males’s socks.

Nevertheless, there’s a fashion of blouse keep that runs all the best way down the leg and clips onto the highest of the socks. In case your purpose is to maintain your socks up, then that is the fashion you want to purchase.

The stress created by the elastic that runs between your shirt and socks ensures that your socks are pulled up, and the shirt is pulled down.

However what about gents who do not tuck their shirts in?

Nicely, sorry to say it, guys, however shirt stays will not be of any use to you. With a purpose to create sufficient rigidity to maintain your socks up, shirt stays must be related to a tucked-in shirt.

There’s one other answer that ought to fulfill the wants of most guys trying to maintain their socks from sagging: sock garters.

Sock garters might sound a bit old school, however they use an analogous precept to shirt stays – elastic clips onto the highest of the socks to maintain them up utilizing the facility of rigidity.

Nevertheless, not like shirt stays, sock garters are designed for use solely on socks. As a substitute of connecting to a tucked-in shirt, the elastic strips connect with a brace that wraps across the prime of the wearer’s calf.

Seeing as the highest of your calf is thinner than the mid, this brace will not slip down your leg – thus preserving your socks pulled tight and excessive all day lengthy.

#4 Can You Enhance Your Socks’ Elasticity At Residence?

I get it – a few of you guys aren’t within the place to drop money on new socks or fancy garters and stays.

Whereas I do suppose shopping for new socks is the easiest way of fixing sagging socks, there are some issues you are able to do at house to increase the lifetime of your socks’ elastic.

I will not mislead you – DIY fixes will not final you a lifetime. Nevertheless, they could be a nice solution to lengthen the lifetime of your socks whilst you save up to your subsequent sock buy.

How To Repair Socks Utilizing An Elastic Band

The most straightforward (and arguably the simplest) of fixing sagging socks within the brief time period is to easily use a number of elastic bands to enhance the grip of your socks.

WARNING: Use elastic bands that match comfortably across the width of your calves. Utilizing bands which can be too tight might lower off blood circulation and trigger all kinds of issues.

To place it merely, as soon as you’ve got put in your socks and pulled them as much as your required peak, place 2-3 well-fitting elastic bands in your sock (about 2cm from the highest), after which fold down the material to cowl up the band.

It is a fast repair and one which’s fairly efficient.

What Are Soccer Sock Ties?

In soccer, gamers put on full-calf sports activities socks excessive of shin guards.

As such, it is common for gamers to put on soccer sock ties to maintain their socks up. In any case, when hitting the pitch for 90 minutes, sock elastic alone simply is not sufficient to maintain their socks in place.

These will be purchased on-line for as little as $1, and truly serve a really precious objective.

Consider them because the safer model of the elastic band methodology. The identical course of applies; merely tie them across the prime of your sock and fold the highest all the way down to cowl them up.

How To Sew New Elastic Into Previous Socks

For you gents which can be a dab hand with a needle and thread (or have a partner or girlfriend who might help), there’s a extra everlasting repair you’ll be able to apply to your socks at house.

For those who’re completely set on preserving your present socks, you’ll be able to improve them by stitching a brand new elastic into the highest of your socks.

Merely get some elastic from a stitching provide outfit, materials store or tailor provide store and stitch a bit throughout onto the highest of every sock.

This may be completed in two methods:

  1. Sew an elastic strip beneath your sock cloth – much like the elastic band methodology, fold down the material over the elastic and stitch the material in place.
  2. Sew elasticated cloth (like jersey cloth or lycra) across the prime of your socks the place you need them to grip your calves. Doing so will rejuvenate the grip of your socks however does require technical information of superior stitching.

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